About Us


At The Flourish Project our mission is to cultivate more joy, meaning, presence and connection in our community.

The Flourish Project was established with a mission to create positive change in the lives of people, communities and organisations and is devoted to supporting people to develop their individual coping resources and enhance personal strengths and resilience. We utilise scientifically proven methods from neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology to impart skills that empower individuals to connect with their authentic selves in order to lead more meaningful and flourishing lives, achieve optimal human functioning and connection with the community.

The Flourish Project aims to offer a contemporary and fresh approach to psychology, wellbeing and mindfulness in Adelaide, and aims to dispel the taboo and stigma associated with psychology and therapy. We strive to make seeing a psychologist something as normal and as beneficial as going to the dentist, going to the gym or getting a massage. The Flourish Project prides itself on being able to use eclectic and creative approaches, drawing on the science of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help people flourish.  

We have created a welcoming urban space where we offer various workshops to help people connect and get in the right mindset. We also offer a technology enhanced mindfulness meditation studio  to help people find their calm, help foster presence, connection and compassion. Our mindfulness studio offers small group classes for modern soul seekers to busy urban workers looking to enhance cognitive performance and improve their overall wellbeing, de-stress and recharge. Our aim is for mindfulness meditation to become integral to people’s daily routine as scientific research has demonstrated that meditation reduces symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety, improves focus, performance and quality of life. 

We don’t believe in pathologising the normal human experience, we believe in supporting people to develop their individual coping resources, enhance personal strengths and resilience in order to flourish and live the best life possible.
— Branka Radovanovic and Sophie Dallis (Psychologists and Founders of The Flourish Project )