Dina Sorvanis 

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher


Dina’s interest in mindfulness meditation began during her time working as a Social Worker in Community Health Work. During this time Dina worked with many individuals who were experiencing anxiety, depression and other mental health difficulties. Mindfulness techniques were one of the many useful therapeutic tools Dina utilised during one to one counselling with clients reporting the immediate benefits for achieving calm, relaxation and managing stressful situations.

At the same time, Dina began her own individual journey as a participant in mindfulness meditation and found that her own practice supported her ability to be more focused, attentive and present in the moment. This is where she gained valuable insight into the vast benefits of mindfulness and truly appreciated the positive impact this had on all areas of life: relationships, parenting and work.

This journey led Dina to undertake experiential training for professional development in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in order to teach mindfulness techniques in group settings.

Dina holds a Degree in Social Work from the University of South Australia. She has extensive experience as a therapeutic counsellor and case manager in both Government and Non-Government sectors, working primarily in the areas of violence and abuse and has also managed a Government funded Family Support Service in Northern Adelaide.