One of the least recognised aspects of disability is the psychological impact of disability. Difficulty with communicating emotions, living in a world not adapted to the needs of the person with a disability, barriers to developing social support networks, and poor impulse control and emotional regulation difficulties are just some of the factors that can impact wellbeing and mental health.

The co-existence of disability and a mental health issues can have serious ramifications for the person’s daily functioning and wellbeing. For those who acquire a disability it can be difficult to adjust to life. Loss, anger, and grief are often experienced at the same time as having to rebuild a new life, manage the needs of loved ones, and navigate rehabilitation gains and limits. These issues may arise at the time of diagnosis, or many years later.

Psychologists at The Flourish Project are experienced in providing psychological therapy to adults with intellectual disabilities, congenital disabilities, physical disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, dual disabilities, neurological conditions and brain injuries utilising evidence based models of therapy. We work together with the person seeking therapy, their family, and their carers to provide tailored therapy, which is the best fit for each client. We do so with creativity, a commitment to best practice, and respect for the uniqueness of the persons experiences and needs. 

We provide disability specific services within our consulting rooms but can also provide in-home or community support that is person centred whilst always remaining respectful, ethical and confidential.