There is no greater disability in society, then the inability to see a person as more
— Robert M.Hensel

The Flourish Project offers specialist disability services through the provision of therapeutic interventions, assessment, training and consultancy services for people with a disability, their families, organisations and people working in the disability field. Our team of highly skilled and experienced psychologists have over 20 years combined experience in the disability sector from which they draw upon.  

The Flourish Project actively promotes inclusion and equality and are passionate about playing a part in changing how our society views disability. Our team work from a person-centered framework, that is trauma-informed and in line with the Positive Behaviour Support framework. Our core values include; respect for a person’s dignity and human rights, honouring the unique strengths of the individual, supporting a systems approach to foster collaborative practice and a focus on recovery and the future. The Flourish Project strives to provide high quality, accessible psychological services to all people with a disability and believe that disability should be no barrier to accessing high quality, specialised psychological services. Please explore our range of specialist disability services we offer by highly experienced psychologists’.

Individual Therapy

Specialist Positive Behaviour Support

Specialist Disability Assessment


Forensic Disability

Organisational Support