The Flourish Project provide assessments, treatment, consultancy, and training services within Adelaide’s forensic disability sector.

Stigma, scapegoating and stereotyping are what many people with intellectual and other cognitive disabilities often experience when they become involved with the criminal justice. Our forensic disability services are aimed at addressing the unique issues offenders with a disability, and those who represent them face, as well as promoting equitable services for victims with a disability.

With a commitment to best practice in forensic disability, and drawing from years of experience within the disability sector, together with specialised postgraduate training in forensic disability, Psychologists’ at The Flourish Project are knowledgeable in the use of the most up-to-date evidence based assessment and treatment approaches including:

  • Dual diagnosis of mental health issues and disability
  • Assessing risk of re-offending 
  • Designing and delivering specialised interventions and rehabilitation programs which are individualized to address issues related to disability and mental health.
  • Training and consultancy 
  • Pre-sentencing reports commenting on the impact of disability and mental health on an individual’s offending behaviour, and the likelihood of the client re-offending
  • Psycho-legal Reports involving assessment of cognitive capacity and mental state at the time of the offence and other relevant mental health factors to be considered in the context of disability and offending. 
  • Assessment & treatment of dual and multiple disabilities, including intellectual disability and mental illness, brain injury, Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Violence risk assessment & intervention for special populations with a disability 
  • Sexual offending risk assessment & intervention in special populations (e.g. Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Brain Injury) 
  • Disability and Arson assessment and treatment planning 
  • Mental vulnerability & impairment
  • Offender Risk/Needs analysis 

What can you expect

With a commitment to high quality assessments, reports and treatment, psychologists at The Flourish Project carefully consider each unique presentation, utilising structured clinical interviews, relevant background information, and results from psychometric testing to provide comprehensive reports and treatment planning approaches and provide clear and practical reports, recommendations regarding treatment and rehabilitation strategies.

Please phone us on 0411 043 400 or email us for more information and to arrange an appointment.