Therapy is often conducted on a one to one basis, however there are times that the best outcomes can be achieved in a group setting. Group programs offer deep, rich insights into how we think, feel and behave and respond to others and in turn how others respond to us. This allows for greater exploration of patterns of behaviours that can be observed and discussed in a safe and non-judgmental space to allow room for change in a compassionate way. 

The advantage of attending group therapy is that a trained and experienced psychologist facilitates the group and in doing so offers structure, support and guidance to achieve the best outcomes in line with your personal goals. We run various group programs throughout the year such as:

  • Dealing with loss
  • Social and relational skills for people on the autism spectrum
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Anger management
  • Harnessing your strengths

If you would like to attend in the future please register your interest here and by subscribing to our mailing list, and we will email you once new dates are released. 

Useful Information

Prior to joining some group programs an initial therapy consult with a psychologist may be required. During this one-hour session the psychologist will explore your needs and goals and discuss your suitability to undertake a group therapy course. At this session you may decide that one to one therapy is more appropriate or required in addition to a group program, which can be discussed and arranged. 

If following this session a group therapy course is suitable, and you wish to join a group program you will be provided more information about the program content, expectations, dates and fees.