Our mission and values

At Psych Base we believe that all people already have strengths and qualities within them to lead a good life but may at times need some tools and help to live the best life they can. Psych Base aims to utilise the latest scientific knowledge coupled with a contemporary, holistic and relatable approach to deliver psychological and wellbeing services to help all people build the skills they need to lead a meaningful life.

We are human too and know that making sustainable changes can be challenging akin to climbing a mountain, which is why we help clients identify barriers to change. In doing so we help our clients maintain momentum with new skills. We also work on ourselves and practice what we preach!! That is why we have created the mindful studio in an effort to bring mindfulness and meditation practice to daily life to calm the modern overactive mind and bring us closer to the present moment and our values.

We are an inclusive, respectful and person centred practice and offer services to all people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, including people from refugee backgrounds, the indigenous community, people with a disability and the LGBT community .

We also believe in giving back to the community and aim to participate in social community and mental health initiatives and break the stigma of mental health issues and preach and teach well-being and ways to flourish



Workplaces and Workshops

Help workplaces and organisation reach their peak and raise awareness and share psychological evidence



Inclusion in social and community projects and mental health initiatives



Mindfulness and Meditation practice



Inclusive services for people with a disability


Psychology and wellbeing

Psychology and Wellbeing Services provided by psychologists that focuses on an individuals strengths and helping them develop psychological flexibility and lead a meaningful live



Assessment services for autism spectrum disorder and cognitive assessments to assist in receiving appropriate supports