Raechel Pratt 

Yoga Instructor

Raechel pic.jpg

Raechel from High Vibe Agency is excited to be co-labbing with The Flourish Project in 2019, bringing a love of meditation, movement and Ayurveda to this space. Raechel has a strong background in Laughing Lotus New York, and has studied with Elena Brower, Lara Dwyer, and The Yoga Vine Perth.

Every class Raechel brings together is steeped with the philosophy of yoga, adding in her personal study of meditation, and mudras. Each class is unique, and threads themes of Music, Ayurveda, Poetry, Literature and Yoga philosophy into each practice, specialising in mudras through meditation.

Having taught classes extensively throughout Perth and Adelaide, co-leading teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops, Raechel is a teacher that brings a rare, extensive, and quality offering to Flourish.