Rates & Rebates

Here you can find information about our fees and the various funding options, including any available rebates. You will also find information about our Cancellation Policy and Frequently Asked Questions.

Fee Schedule & Rebates

Private Clients 

Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) Clients$234.83
$89.65 (rebate)
$145.18 (out of pocket)

NDIS Participant Clients


Therapeutic Supports: Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy and/or training – Improved Daily Living (IDL) Item Code 15_054_128_1_3

Dual ASD Assessment and Final Report (conducted by a Clinical Psychologist and a Speech Pathologist) $2,145 (GST Free)
Specialist Positive Behaviour Support: Improved Relationships 11_022_0110_7_3 $234.83
Behaviour Support (Behaviour Management Plan including, Training in Behaviour Management Strategies 11_023_0110_7_3 $193.99

We are not a bulk billing service but please call us if you need consideration for concession rates.

Cancellation Policy Fee

We understand that things come up and you may need to reschedule your appointment. Once your appointment has been booked, we kindly ask that you provide us with at least 2 business days notice that you need to cancel to avoid a cancellation fee.



Late notice cancellations attract a fee equal to 50% of the fee payable for the appointment. 100% of the fee is charged for NDIS-related services. A flat fee of $250 is charged for cancellation of Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments.



We are happy to reschedule your appointment we just request this 2 days notice period so that we can book someone else in who is waiting to see us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A MHCP is a support plan written by a GP and it is available to anyone who feels they would benefit from psychological support for mental health concerns. It outlines the type of health care you will require and details about what you and your doctor have agreed you are aiming to achieve. A MHCP is usually accompanied by a referral from your GP to see a Psychologist.

If you see a general Psychologist, you can access a rebate of $89.65, your out-of-pocket expense is $145.18. If you see a Clinical Psychologist, you can access a rebate of $131.65, your out-of-pocket expense is $89.65.

If you have a Mental Health Care Plan, you will need to pay the full fee amount ($234.83) after your session in the clinic. When we process your payment, we submit your rebate claim to Medicare on your behalf. This prevents the hassle of going to a Medicare office or submitting your claim online. You should have your rebate processed in 24hours.

If you have private health insurance, you will need to consult with your insurer to determine your eligibility for psychology consultation cover. Most insurers offer cover on psychological services. The reimbursement amounts will vary depending on your level of cover. You could ask your insurer what rebates are available for both an ‘initial’ and ‘subsequent’ psychological consultation for 50 to 60 minute consultations under Psychology Item Code 100. They will be able to provide you with the information you need.

If you are an NDIS Participant, The Flourish Project will request information contained in your approved NDIS Plan to arrange a Service Agreement. The Service Agreement will contain the agreed funding method. It will be either:

NDIA-Managed Funding: This is where the NDIA will pay The Flourish Project on the participant’s behalf. This method requires The Flourish Project to claim the fee directly through the NDIA Portal. To do this, we create a Service Booking.

Self-Managed Funding: This is where the participant manages their NDIS funding directly. The Flourish Project will send any invoice to the Participant for payment via email. The invoice period is 7 days.

Plan-Managed funding: This is where the NDIS will provide the participant’s funding to a Plan Manager who will pay The Flourish Project on the participant’s behalf. The Flourish Project will send any invoice to the Plan Manager for payment via email.

Your Worker’s Compensation Insurance company should send you approval for Work Cover, which will contain the number of approved sessions. We will request this information when booking the initial appointment. The Flourish Project will set up an account with your insurer for payment. If the claim is denied, please note that the fee then becomes payable by the client.