At The Flourish Project we believe that seeing a psychologist should be as normal and accessible as, going to the gym or getting a massage. Too often however we don’t give enough attention to our emotional health.  We believe it is important to devote some focused time and energy to self-care. At the Flourish Project we aim to empower you to do this through therapy with the tools you need to cultivate a meaningful life. We work collaboratively with our clients to increase life satisfaction and lessen suffering.

Therapy can help when life feels really difficult, when you are languishing, want to improve relationships, deal with a serious problem or grief, or you may like to work on your own self-development. It may also be that life is pretty good and you want to harness that and build on your strengths. We provide a non-judgmental space where you can talk freely and openly about things that may be worrying you or areas you want to work on whilst receiving guidance and insight backed by science to help you get in the right mindset.